TNT H1 Military watch with LACO mechanism out of 1944

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The mechanism was made in Germany – Pforzheim – 11.1944
The mechanism was saved from bombing of Pforzheim 02.1945
Today TNT-H1 in Pforzheim after 70years
Order process started ... 


you will find all relevant specifications of the watch.

TNT is pleased to say that production of will start soon. Realistically it could have the watches ready before the end of June 2014. Demand will decide if TNT will pull the trigger on production.

TNT decided to offer an fantastic preorder price of  € 699,- (€ 832,- incl. EU V.A.T.), as TNT believe this direct sales structure should benefit the customer as much as possible. A price level unheard of for this type of quality Collectorbased movement.

That is why TNT ask you to let us know by return if you are interested in purchasing this watch…



TNT will gather your info and if demand is sufficient, it will ask you to commit and pay a first deposit of € 350,- net excl. VAT.
During the manufacturing process TNT will update you regularly on progress and show pictures or drawings when it can. The pictures attached this mail are computer renderings.

The watch

This kind of collectorwatches are without any price. The movements are historically important, the production stopped 60 years ago. It will be not possible to repeat this limited edition. It is already extremely hard to find such specials.

This movements were used in military watches and LACO was direct supplier to the military! Because of this historical background we decided to make a homage to the WWII military watches.

TNT will limit the H1 to only 199 pieces worldwide, it will give the choice of three different dial colors and watch types to suit everybody’s taste. This means each watch type is STRONG limited…

  • White for the german Navy / WWII
  • Black for the UK Airforce / WWII 
  • Brown for the USA and Russian ground troop version / WWII

Different strap version can be choosen at the order site.

The case bottom engravings fits to the dial and is marked with the limited number.

The story behind this watch

A incredible story about the find of historical important movements in a rubbish container…

I think all of us were travelling by car across the country using a highway, all of us stopped to eat.
Try to imagine you eat your meal and you  see in front of you a car and person who throws boxes into a rubbish container.
After some time the car leaves , you finish your food and you go to this container to throw your rubbish.
You open this container and you see boxes … strange OLD boxes … Some are branded with LACO some with hand signatures.
It is clear it has something to do with production. You open a box, because you are curious… He think old boxes are interesting, isn’t it???

After you open this boxes you see old mechanisms, brand new never used old watch-movements, watch parts, signatures and dates from End of 1944.

What would you do ? First to save these things, just to show it to a professional, to get some information about what you found.

PFORZHEIM in 1945…

The end of the war was tragic for Pforzheim

During World War II, Pforzheim was bombed a number of times. The largest raid, and one of the most devastating area bombardements of World War II, was carried out by the Royal Air Force (RAF) on the evening of 23 February 1945. About one quarter of the town’s population, over 17,000 people, were killed in the air raid, and about 83% of the town’s buildings were destroyed. The town was thought by the Allies to be producing precision instruments for use in the German war effort and to be a transport centre for the movement of German troops. ( source Wikipedia )

These movements had been produced not long before this bombing and they were saved in an old Villa.

One year ago this old villa was sold, the reconstruction company was responsible to empty it.
Some of the dials and parts were made for the 55mm B-Uhr ( the big pilot ), and it seems the employee were thinking the dials are radioactive.
Because of the they throwed the boxes in a public container. The receycling of radioactive rubbish is exremely expensive… But they were wrong.


Producer was LACHER & Co and DUROWE, some parts were made for the military pilotwatch ( B-Uhr ) and was delivered to the DEUTSCHEN LUFTWAFFE.
These movements and parts are saved now and can be used for production of special watches. The parts for the B-Uhr are offered as a sparepart kids.
The plan is to make something interesting , a watch made in Pforzheim with a movement which is made in Pforzheim and saved before the terrible bombing.

img watch
img watch
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  • Case Material: Stainless steel 316L
  • Diameter : 39 mm without crown, height 11mm (to be confirmed after sample test)
  • Bottom : Stainless steel, screwed with engravings ( UK - DE - RU - USA )
  • Water resistance: 3 ATM 
  • Movement: Hand-wound DUROWE/LACO 523 made in 11.1944
  • Decoration of the movement : Original
  • Functions: Hour, minute, sub second
  • Limitation: 199 pieces world wide
  • Dial : Black ( UK version ) - White ( German Version ) - Brown ( US and RU Version )
  • Hands : blue with luminova
  • Glass : plastic lense ( to be like the historical watches )
  • Strap / Size : Leather nato type strap (20mm). We investigate leather strap options as optional accessory.
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • The box will be a big collectorbox in style of the bags and boxes at this time
Technical details of the Movement
Laco 523 (Durowe 412) made in 1944
  • manual wind with sub second
  • H= 4.9mm
  • F= 0.5mm
  • T= 1.8mm
  • 10.5”’, Dm= 23.3mm, Do= 23.8mm
  • 16 jewels | f = 18000 A/h | power reserve 40h
  • € 933,-EUR excluding V.A.T. (outside European Union)
  • € 1111,-EUR including V.A.T. (European Union)
  • Shipment: € 15 within the European Union (Incl. V.A.T.), €25 for the rest of the world (Economy)
  • First deposit (order intake) is € 350,- excluding V.A.T. / € 416,- including V.A.T
  • Second and final payment will be just before delivery in June 2014 (to be confirmed) and will be the balance including any optional accessories chosen (strap, alternative dial color) and shipment