Innovative in terms of its design and technical particularities that provide it with its own DNA, it is unique, a FIRST in terms of its design.

Impassioned by this little jewel that offers many mechanical complications while allowing for perfect reading of the time within a magnificent case, you will discover a timepiece with a perfect balance between an avant-garde design and timekeeping nostalgia.

O1 is a wristwatch providing a supplement of mysterious fashion, minimalist and with studied simplicity.

Presented under the Project O Concept trademark, created for this purpose, this concept derives from the chemical symbol for oxygen, which perfectly represents the form and spirit of our company that wishes to offer its singular design vision while respecting trade practices.

Matthieu Keller, founder and designer, was previously involved in naval construction that contributed to his proficiency with precision industrial design, but a passion for watchmaking and for the evolution of industrial techniques and materials.

Our challenge was to design an innovative concept, one with its own DNA, of noble size but not over-dimensioned, transparent as crystal in order for its movement to be visible from every angle, and beyond that its inner workings, a watch that is both feminine and masculine, elegant yet sporty, ideal for wearing all circumstances and affordable to all.

It is unique and a first in terms of its design, since in order to successfully create a watch with such smooth edges, without ridges, thereby allowing light to penetrate perfectly, without obstacles and/or refraction, its case and crystal have been poured from a single piece.


A return of the Made in France watchmaker

This project’s designer, Matthieu Keller from PARIS, decided to found this company that will be called Project O Concept, O for the chemical symbol for oxygen, since it perfectly represents the company’s form and spirit as well as his desire to provide accessible creativity.

Indeed, this company wishes to once again offer a quality product at a reasonable price, something that is still possible in our era, with a preference for artistic values over monetary values, unlike what is commonly seen these days. After all, we would like for you to be proud to wear our creations not just because of the name, but because of the values that they convey.

This watch is produced with French industrial partners that offer recognised know-how, except for the movement, with the bottom of the box being proudly engraved with the words Made in France, a country that can be proud of its long-standing contribution as the cradle of the development of timekeeping.

We work unceasingly in order to remain at the cutting edge of quality know-how, since our company – even though we will have to use industrial methods (necessary polymer treatment) – will remain small-scale and independent, manufacturing its creations with every attention to detail.


With design and technical requirements perfectly aligned, O1 offers a supplement of mysterious fashion, minimalist and with studied simplicity.

A mysterious roller with icy reflections, enveloping a sober and luminous dial at its centre.

A skeletal automatic movement visible to the eye, a heartbeat that will be watched with never-ending fascination.

A stainless steel winding mechanism crown with elegant aesthetics.

Three hands, hours, minutes and swept by a black second.

Its black crocodile band will provide the modern design of this watch with elegance when worn on the wrist, as it leads into the very interior of the case, such as to maintain the roundness of the case, which is easily interchangeable.

Double folding clasp (stainless steel) with pushers.



An innovative polymer design, with all-new technical characteristics, made from a totally transparent, perfectly smooth and brilliant material, with a light transmission factor higher than that of glass (refraction index of 1.49), it is also lighter (density of 1.19 g/cm³ versus 2.53 g/cm³ for glass), resistant to scratches, UV rays and ageing (no yellowing), but also nearly 7 times as resistant as glass of equal thickness.

The case and its transparent polymer crystal are formed from a single piece (case / crystal), thereby offering a highly resistant yet ultra-light case, with a perfectly smooth structure, and with no edges of any kind, a first for a watch in this category.

The movement’s support and the dial have also been designed from a single piece of transparent polymer, thereby offering a view and aesthetics of the greatest purity, with this piece at the centre of the watch also being available in different colours.

Made of the same material, the back closes the case by pressure, leaving it sealed but with the movement and its rotor visible…


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  • Miyota 8N24-E21 skeleton

  • Self-winding mechanical movement

  • 11½’’’ lines

  • Diam. 26.00 mm / height 5.55 mm

  • Vibrations 21.600 per hour

  • Shock-absorber for balance staff

  • 21 jewels


  • Hours / Minutes / Seconds

Case - Glass

  • Polymer (Colorless)

  • Diam. 44.00mm

  • Thickness 14.30mm


  • Crown screwdown, stainless steel


  • Polymer (Colorless)


  • 3 ATM


  • Polymer (Colorless / Black / Green )


  • Hours / Minutes : black and background luminova green

  • Seconds : Baton

Strap / Clasp

  • Black Crocodile grain (padded profile)

  • Diam. 20/18 mm

  • Double folding clasp with pushers (stainless steel)


  • Lightweight 22 g (without strap)


  • Two (2) years

Made in France