Innovation, design, perfect craftsmanship - their roles in the development of the MAGNUM safe

Even the first glance at the MAGNUM speaks volumes: it is abruptly clear what one is dealing with. This is what high security looks like … and the dignified elegance with which it addresses the issue of "security for valuable collections of watches and other precious items" is equally as impressive. These convincing results are the culmination of stylish design, a passionate pursuit of innovation and master craftsmanship with a focus on perfection. BUBEN&ZORWEG shows what lies behind a development of this nature.

The intellectual creative process behind a masterpiece

Many months of development work will have passed by the time the first prototypes of a new masterpiece from the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG are presented at the "BASELWORLD", where the elite of those passionate about beautiful objects convene once a year. The path from the initial idea to a presentable masterpiece is long. Drafts are discussed, discarded, optimized. Highly detailed innovative solutions give rise to unique objects as if from one cast and never seen before.

After the fair is before the fair: whilst the masterpieces just exhibited at the trade show are fine-tuned on the basis of visitor reactions, the designers are already brooding over new ideas to once again deliver a surprise that is "typically BUBEN&ZORWEG".

The challenge facing the development of the MAGNUM right from the start was to create a safe whose appearance alone would radiate a feeling of security. On the other hand, it should not look like the classic safe familiar from crime movies, but instead have the appearance of an object of design — a tightrope walk commensurate to squaring the circle.

The two handles on the MAGNUM have the pivotal role of visually interpreting the character of the safe. It is further enhanced by quality haptic properties and the choice of select materials that exude solidity beyond reproach when challenged. The astonishing safe doors do not open outwards but rather disappear inside the safe when opened to decoratively present its valuable content. They bear witness to the power of innovation of the developers at the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG … a thrilling experience every time for the proud owner when he opens his MAGNUM either alone or before the eyes of amazed visitors.

From high-security safe to presentation shrine

Another detailed solution is the result of a completely new approach to challenging the development process: the extendible interior. The safe doors are quite thick for security reasons, and this would normally mean that the exclusive watch collection strapped to TIME MOVER® units would be located deep inside the luxury safe. However, "normal" is a foreign concept to BUBEN&ZORWEG, whose developers always seek the ideal solution without compromise. As a result, opening the MAGNUM transforms it from a high-security safe into an impressive presentation shrine. "The doors retract into the safe in a flowing, elegant movement. The interior is extendible for the purpose of better presentation and is highlighted by a sophisticated LED lighting system", says a pleased Harald Buben of another innovation that is causing quite a stir. Valuables and security could not be presented in a more appealing fashion!

It is only natural for an object such as the MAGNUM to feature the best German security technology that easily meets the strict demands of the VDS I certificate, as well the lock with 100% redundancy. Anything less than the very best would be irresponsible towards the values dear to customers.

The consistent approach to detail, the power of innovation, a passion for design and master craftsmanship… each reaching the highest possible level of perfection: the sum of these individual aspects is what creates the unmistakable magic of a masterpiece from the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG. The MAGNUM is just one example — albeit a very impressive one!


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